7. October 2014 Hege

“Blood sisters” – a brand new co-production

Mechanix Film is co-producer of the documentary “Blood sisters”.

About the film:
Blood Sisters is an intimate, observational coming-of age documentary about twin-sister- hood. A film about surviving the trauma of sexual abuse together as twin sisters and how one day your other half might not be there to take for granted anymore.

Julia and Johanna live in the ghetto-like highrise flats of Rosengard in Malmö, Sweden; one of Northern Europe’s largest immigrant estates. They have been inseparable for as long as they can remember, curled up beside eachother at night. They have followed each other through thick and thin as toddlers and then into the darkness as kidnapped young girls, young political victims of the brutal reality in Azerbaijan. Their journey once freed, takes them to a new life in Sweden. In Blood Sisters we follow their new journey, this time from girls in total symbiosis with each other into young women trying to find their own identity, while dealing with their experienes in the past, taking control over their own lives.

Director : Malin Andersson
Production : Malin Andersson film, Sweden.
Co-production : Mechanix Film as, Norway, Les Films du Tambour de Soie, France, Avanton Productions, Finland, Solas Productions Teo, Ireland

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