1. November 2017 Hege


Feature documentary film.
Director Laila Pakalnina.

Men can drill very deep, down to where oil is.

Large groups of qualified men equipped with machines can extract oil and make it travel far, to a place, where other qualified men can transform oil into useful plastic. The plastic is then moved away to a factory, where more men can turn it into spoons, which will be even further transported to all sorts of eateries and, likely, will be available free of charge. This meaningful life will last for one unceremonious meal.

This film is going to be about a plastic spoon and society, and society’s progress. About the steps that must be taken so that people could end the spoon’s journey and throw it into the bin. 

Finacial supporters:
NFI, Vestnorsk Filmsenter og Viken Filmsenter

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