Feature documentary film.
Director Laila Pakalnina.

Men can drill very deep, down to where oil is.

Large groups of qualified men equipped with machines can extract oil and make it travel far, to a place, where other qualified men can transform oil into useful plastic. The plastic is then moved away to a factory, where more men can turn it into spoons, which will be even further transported to all sorts of eateries and, likely, will be available free of charge. This meaningful life will last for one unceremonious meal.

This film is going to be about a plastic spoon and society, and society’s progress. About the steps that must be taken so that people could end the spoon’s journey and throw it into the bin. 

Finacial supporters:
NFI, Vestnorsk Filmsenter og Viken Filmsenter

The Other Jerusalem

Palestinian farmer Khaled is losing his home. Counsellor Ziad is facing clients in despair. House demolitions, city planning, demography are instruments in a bitter fight over Jerusalem. This is the story of those moving in and those fighting to stay. This is East Jerusalem 50 years after the Israeli occupation.

The film is finacially supported by NFI, Fritt Ord and Viken Filmsenter.



Mia Engberg’s feature film debut Lucky is partly set in Paris and features Vincent as the main character. He’s now an ageing gangster whose life is turned upside down when he has to take care of his teenage daughther Grace.

Producers Story AB, Sweden and Mechanix Film, Norway.
Supported financially by SFI and NFI.

Prize to “Vive la France”

“Vive la France” got the Prix Grand Ecran Special Mention at the film festival “Paris Science” in Paris.

Read everything about the awards here:

Here is a link to the event: Pariscience

A few details:

Special Mention
Vive La France
Produced by © Felixfilm – Iris Films – Mechanix Film – Avanton Productions
Directed by Helgi Felixson et Titti Johnson

Here is the teaser for the film:

I also want to share where the film is to be screended next:

October 2014
Chicago International Film Festival – in competition
Inconvenient Films, Lithuania – in competition

November 2014
Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto – in competition


“Blood sisters” – a brand new co-production

Mechanix Film is co-producer of the documentary “Blood sisters”.

About the film:
Blood Sisters is an intimate, observational coming-of age documentary about twin-sister- hood. A film about surviving the trauma of sexual abuse together as twin sisters and how one day your other half might not be there to take for granted anymore.

Julia and Johanna live in the ghetto-like highrise flats of Rosengard in Malmö, Sweden; one of Northern Europe’s largest immigrant estates. They have been inseparable for as long as they can remember, curled up beside eachother at night. They have followed each other through thick and thin as toddlers and then into the darkness as kidnapped young girls, young political victims of the brutal reality in Azerbaijan. Their journey once freed, takes them to a new life in Sweden. In Blood Sisters we follow their new journey, this time from girls in total symbiosis with each other into young women trying to find their own identity, while dealing with their experienes in the past, taking control over their own lives.

Director : Malin Andersson
Production : Malin Andersson film, Sweden.
Co-production : Mechanix Film as, Norway, Les Films du Tambour de Soie, France, Avanton Productions, Finland, Solas Productions Teo, Ireland

Dates for “Vive la France” – past and near future

To date the film has been screened at the following:

Goteborg International Film Festival, Sweden. January 2014
Tempo Film Festival, Sweden March 2014
NordicDocs Festival, Norway  May 2014
Skjaldborg Documentary Festival, Island May 2014
Reykjavik International Film Festival, Island  September 2014
Pariscience Film Festival, France October 2014 received a ‘Prix Grand Ecran Special Mention’.

To come :

October 2014
Chicago International Film Festival – in competition
Inconvenient Films, Lithuania – in competition

November 2014
Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto – in competition

We have submitted to a number of other festivals and hope to have more news soon.

Watch teaser for the film:

News about “Hunting Corruption – The Network”

News about “Hunting Corruption – The Network”:

Screening at the filmfestival “Carte Blanche à Eva Joly”, Cinéma Les 7 Parnassiens, Montparnasse, Paris, 5 – 7 juli 2013. View program here.

Selected as The Documentary of the Month – “El Documental del Mes”  June 2013:
In Spain: Premiere in Barcelona. Presentation at Méliès Cinemas, June 6.
In Argentina: Screening in Córdoba. Presentation at Cineclub Universitario Universidad Nacional, June 18.
In Chile: Premiere in Santiago de Chile. Presentation at the cinema The Clinic, June 19. About the film. Read comment.
Screening at Centro Cultural de España, 22. juni.
Screening in Valparaíso. Presentation at Cineteca Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, June 20.
Screening at Corporatión Cultural de Viña del Mar, June 21.

About the film as The Documentary of the Month:
Link 1   /   Link 2

DocsBarcelona filmfestival 2013. Screeining May 31.
and June 1. www.docsbarcelona.com

Nordic/Docs filmfestival 2013 in Fredrikstad, Norway.
Screening May 2. and 5. www.nordicdocs.no

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